2 Factors To Consider When Buying Used Laser Equipment

Many people may think that buying a used aesthetic laser equipment means buying an outdated model that does not have the features of the newer models. It may be true that the older versions may not be as feature packed as the newer equipment, but it does not mean that they cannot do the functions that you require.

For example, if you need a laser equipment for treating patchy skin problems, then you should understand that any machine that can perform this function is fit for your business. If you have to choose between a used 2009 model that costs say $30,000, and a brand new 2016 model that costs $75,000 for carrying out skin treatments, it would be rational to choose the used equipment. Spending $45,000 extra on the newer equipment that does not provide any major benefit is a poor business choice. Instead, by acquiring the used equipment, you can use that extra $45,000 for marketing and promote your business. Take into account the following factors when deciding to purchase used equipment –

  • Return On Investment (RoI): You should calculate the RoI to know how quickly you can recoup the investment made on an aesthetic laser equipment. In this regard, a used equipment will be a clear winner. Since you are spending less money on the used equipment, you will recoup the amount much than if you were to invest in a newer equipment. Going by the earlier example, if you think that you will be making a profit of $5,000 per month from the services provided by the equipment, then you can recoup the investment of $30,000 on a used equipment within just 6 months. In comparison, if you choose to go with the newer equipment which costs $75,000, you will take at least 15 months to recoup the investment. So do your RoI calculations on various equipment, used and new models, to find which one suits your budget.
  • Repairs And Maintenance Costs: Older laser machines may require more repairs and maintenance than newer ones. You should factor this in your decision-making process. How much money will you have to spend in repairs in a year? Will the repairs make the used equipment more expensive when operational than a newer one? Have clear answers to such questions. The newer machines will have virtually no maintenance requirements in the first few years. And even if they do require repairs, you will probably be covered by “zero maintenance costs” policy of the company. As such, you won’t have to spend money for any repairs of new equipment for the first few years.

Understand The Market

Have a very clear understanding of what laser treatment options are you going to offer. To know this, you should do a good market study of the area where the treatment center is located. Find out the probable number of customers you will get in a day, week and month, which treatments are likely to be more in demand and so on. You can then check out the results to pinpoint the equipment you will need.

For example, if your research shows that laser skin treatment and hair removal clients have a huge demand while laser body contouring demand is pretty weak, then you only need purchase skin treatment and hair removal laser equipment. Without doing a proper market research, you may have decided to acquire a body contouring equipment under a false notion that there is a market for it. This would have resulted in a loss for you, both in terms of capital and revenues. It is to avoid such situations that you need to know exactly what your equipment needs are.

A good way to procure used laser equipment is by leasing it instead of buying it using your own money or a loan. As explained above, used laser equipment may be prone to higher repair costs. As such, if you were to purchase it using own funds (or a loan), there will be an element of uncertainty attached to it since you won’t know how many times a year you will have to repair it and how much amount you will have to spend for the repairs. But with a lease, the vendor will cover all your maintenance expenses during the lease period, and you will only have to make a fixed monthly payment. This will be far more beneficial to your business since you can budget your expenses more accurately.