Developing Friendly Financial Model

Just like the other businesses, all finance experts need to regularly work and handle large amount of numbers. Around everyone uses MS Excel to develop financial models to analyse and to create project financial statements. Proficiency over financial modeling will provide all the experts an edge over others as they can perform their work quicker and with more correctness.

The Financial Modeling course will instruct you the essential of MS Excel all the method to creating flourishing Financial Models. By the conclusion of the course, you will be capable to separately build models that are healthy and give dynamic ledges that can be used to carefully examine a company from numerous standpoints: procedures, investment, financing and valuation.


Financial Modeling is considered as one of the most basic and widely looked after skills in the finance sector. It is the art of creation a model to represent financial statements and investment study using MS Excel. It assists arrive at most favorable business services by analyzing different parameters. At the conclusion of the course, you will be capable to do the chore of building a model showing fiscal statements/business model, which assists in decision creation.

Be trained in Financial Modeling with us in the classroom setting with hands on practice. The first component is Equity Evaluations and the next module instructs advanced Excel. So, you can make a model initially, and then appreciate how to use that model for a variety of reasons such as evaluations and projections among others.

The Perfect Learner for Financial Modeling

This financial modeling course is appropriate for students and professionals linked to Investment, Equity Research, Critical Thinking, Mergers & Acquisition, Credit, Project, Corporate Finance, and analytical skills. At the same time, it is also perfect for CA, FRM, MBA Finance, CFA Program candidates, B TECH and Commerce Graduates who wish a career in any of the above mentioned profiles.

Financial Modeling course is also an appropriate choice for those in non-finance linked careers which include the preparation of Business Planning, working on Excel, decision creation and mapping theory to sensible.

Benefits for Career

Commercial Banks make use of the Financial Modeling for disbursing loans for the plans; Project Management make use for the performance tracking of on-going plans. Financial Modeling ideas can be applied to any business. Individuals who grasp an MBA and also acquire information of Financial Modeling have a beneficial edge over others.


Students should possess the hands-on experience with Excel as well as a brief idea related to Balance Sheets, Finance, and Cash Flow Models.

Highlight of the course

It includes Broad Classroom Training of 14 hours. Get professional training by the 14 days (70 hrs.) Get trained by topic experts with interactive learning.

Excel Workbooks

Make models completing a step-by-step techniques devised by experts. Such workbooks have been particularly planned to make sure an incorporate best industry techniques of financial modeling.

Broad study notes

Topic based study material is offered in the shape of presentations

Doubt answering by Professionals

Write to us and find your doubts answered by our specialists within 2 business days. You can even look for a discussion by posting it on active debates.

For experts who are looking for the expert financial modeling skills to the next level, live training gives an opportunity to inquire questions and challenge an instructor’s theories at the right time. The networking possibilities are also a bonus — the possibility to interrelate with industry equivalents, choose their brains, and evaluate successes and failures, is forever a helpful activity. This is the prime reason we all opt for the live conferences despite simply logging onto webinars.

No doubt, there are different approaches to create a financial model. If you have the proficiency to do so, you can create one yourself with a worksheet application such as Microsoft Excel. A number of learners are not that relaxed with financial mathematics. For those of you that drop in the latter kind, there are just different choices available. There is software offered on the market at different costs as well as levels of difficulty. Financial schemers frequently offer this free of service in order to up-sell their similar services. There are even experts that will create a financial model for you.