Role of Mcx And NCDEX in Commodity Market

The commodity exchange of India is termed as MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange). A platform is provided by this exchange and anyone can use it for trading. There are traders who think that trading in stock market is done with only virtual shares. You can simply contact traders on the deals they have quoted and further get the trading done between them with one party as buyer and other party as seller.This is what is meant by MCX – Exchange of Commodity Market.

The best alternative to stock and shares (Stock Market) offered to traders is “Commodity Market”. There are various different segments in commodity market and you can select any one of these segments for trading. Some of them are precious metals like silver, aluminum, zinc, gold and agricultural commodities like cardamom, jeera, wheat, rice etc. NCDEX (National Commodity and Derivative Exchange Limited) is another exchange that regulates commodity market and it is largest commodity exchange of India.

Key players of commodity market are the traders who trade in share market and also manufactures who use these commodities as raw materials. You should always book commodities for a future date and at a present date price so that the future sustainability is ensured. You must always take help of some market experts to know the booking price of these commodities. ABans Group provides commodity tips on the basis of deep market analysis and research work.

Founded in 2005, ABans Group has grown from being a trading house to a dynamic and diversified business group.We provide expertise in broking services, merchant banking, non-banking financial dealings, jewellery manufacturing, realty &infrastructure. It is a comprehensive financial services & solution provider,which aims to provide an end-to-end financial solution to its clients.

Apart from trading through exchanges, we are also involved in physical trading. We trade in various agro products such as Castor seed, Jeera, Wheat, Chana, Maize, Coriander, R.M. Seed and Cotton Oil Cake (Kapas Khali). These commodities are stored in warehouses owned by our group Company “ABans Reality and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd” and in leased warehouses.