5 Ways Parents Can Make School Fees Payments Affordable

What are the ideal ways to save and pay school fees? Take a look below at some of the most popular financial investment options.

# Individual savings accounts or ISAs

In principle, financial planning for paying school fees must start from day one. The tax free advantages of an ISA mean that Individual Savings Accounts are a must when parents are looking to save money. You have an overall limit of 20,000 a year from April 2017, which will see returns given tax free. You can maximise your ISA allowance between a combination of a cash ISA (everyday savings you do not pay tax on) and a stocks and shares ISA (where the gains you make are tax efficient). However these days due to the Bank of England interest rate cuts the return you will get from your ISA is not as good as it used to be.

# Invest in funds

Starting to save early is the ideal way to get ahead of the game when it comes to having to pay expensive school fees. It is advisable that you start investing regularly from the day your child is born, this will give you just over 10 years before your child starts secondary school. But, if you plan to send your child to a private primary school, you will have a lot less time to save. By having a longer term investment plan, you can take more risks in building up the maximum value of your investment. As the time for paying school fees approaches, you can move your investment into a less high risk investment plan. Since the stock market can be extremely volatile, it is best to seek advice from a financial advisor, before taking this step.

# Make use of equity to help with school fees

Do you have enough equity in your property? If yes, you can utilise your property to help pay the school fees. A lot of parents are making use of schemes such as, offset mortgages and re-mortgaging to help fund private education. Often, properties hold the wealth needed to help with the costs involved in private education, and this method has an added bonus – it is tax-free. The only problem is that you will have to pay the sum back, along with interest and even if it is in easy chunks, it will end up costing a lot more over the longer term. One of the most popular ways of affording the school fees is to opt for an offset mortgage, as a set level of borrowing can be agreed at the outset. As the money is not released until you need it no interest is paid until that time.

# Scholarships and bursaries

Applying for scholarships and bursaries is an ideal way to help supplement the cost of private education. A lot of schools offer scholarships to pupils who can demonstrate a particular skill or talent in academia, sports, arts etc, with discounts of up to 50% available to the successful children.

Another great option are bursaries. This is usually given to students who can showcase a potential or an ability that could be profitable by studying in a private school. In such cases, priority is given to students who have spent considerable time at the school, but are now unable to afford private education and require financial support.

# Turn to the grandparents

Grandparents can often turn out to be the integral financial source when funding school fees. This is down to the benefits they gain from their inheritance tax (IHT) savings. IHT is not incurred when a regular contribution is being made from their income.

Fully Integrated Firm Of Public Accountants And Advisors

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Role of Mcx And NCDEX in Commodity Market

The commodity exchange of India is termed as MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange). A platform is provided by this exchange and anyone can use it for trading. There are traders who think that trading in stock market is done with only virtual shares. You can simply contact traders on the deals they have quoted and further get the trading done between them with one party as buyer and other party as seller.This is what is meant by MCX – Exchange of Commodity Market.

The best alternative to stock and shares (Stock Market) offered to traders is “Commodity Market”. There are various different segments in commodity market and you can select any one of these segments for trading. Some of them are precious metals like silver, aluminum, zinc, gold and agricultural commodities like cardamom, jeera, wheat, rice etc. NCDEX (National Commodity and Derivative Exchange Limited) is another exchange that regulates commodity market and it is largest commodity exchange of India.

Key players of commodity market are the traders who trade in share market and also manufactures who use these commodities as raw materials. You should always book commodities for a future date and at a present date price so that the future sustainability is ensured. You must always take help of some market experts to know the booking price of these commodities. ABans Group provides commodity tips on the basis of deep market analysis and research work.

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